Today in the city Wildomar 18.02.2020

Shelter Dog to Foster Dog! Needs Forever home!

Fridea! My Foster Dog she needs a home. She's amazing. If you want more info on her let me know. Shelter Info: Animal Friends of the Valleys, her ID # 508661 ...

Creep - Radiohead (Cover)

My Parrot Zeke Gives a Bedroom Tour

My little buddy Zeke is excited about his territory. Here, he shows us the ins and outs of the bedroom and nearby areas. I love watching his tiny feet as he scuttles ...

Having fun with my bestfriends

Unspeakable/star city reality.

Q&A With K9 Officer Hayes

Murrieta Police K9 Officer Hayes answers questions about Police Service Dog Mick from our residents.

Beautiful Murrieta Hot Springs

Christian Conference Center - Murrieta, CA February 2020.

Drifting Uhaul Pickup Truck

A groups of teens rent a uhaul pick up truck and drifts for awhile.

Trying to flip and land a highlighter

Flipping a highlighter and trying to land it.

Fountain Follies! Public Bath with 6 Hummingbirds Bathing in my "Hummingbird Playground Fountain"

Hummingbirds bathing, playing in the water and splashing in the basin. My custom "Hummingbird Fountain" is hand made to order. Subscribe and enjoy the ...

Fountain Follies! Male Costa's Hummingbird Bathing in my "Hummingbird Playground Fountain"

Male Costa's Hummingbird bathing, playing in the water and splashing in the flower basin. I missed the closeup while watching the Spacex Launch. Subscribe ...



The Gospel of Mark (Mark 6:1-13)

Jesus is rejected in his own hometown. They heard Him teach. They heard about all the things He did. But they couldn't bring themselves to have faith in Him.

Such funny baby🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Giselle Leah Sanchez.

[NO COPYRIGHT] Epic Music for Extreme Sports Video / Copyright free Epic Music

SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL○: ▻Get this music: ▻Get access to all of my "No Copyright Music" ...

Toyota Tundra Windshield Replacement

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Displaying analog voltage value on TouchGFX GUI using STM32F746G-DISCO kit.

In this tutorial i will show you how to use the ADC input of STM32F746G-DISCO and displaying the value on the display that uses a wildcard. The ADC ...

Offseason prep V2 | gym & Moto!

Late night upload tonight, left it late but I'm still getting it out on a Sunday haha! Going to start filming a bit more for next weeks video and maybe some on boards ...


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Bottle flipping baby

My little brother bottle flips for the first time.

Chula Vista HS Winterguard 2/15/20 @ Murrieta Valley

Lake Elsinore Local Market Update for February💕

Getting inside the numbers! ➡Wondering how the Lake Elsinore Real Estate Market is? Watch this video for your update. ➡Check out how much your home ...

El Circulo De La Menor Como Tocar { Tutorial }

Bien venidos al tutorial del circulo de la menor en micanal encontraras los mejores tutoriales a qui les dejo el link por si quieren detallados paso a paso los ...

Canyon Lake Condo for Sale

Two dudes fight and chick try’s to jump in haha 😆

Dude at the end stirs it all up with megaphone funny fight haha.

How do I eat a live stream

21203 Paseo Montana, Murrieta, CA 92562

Coming Soon to La Cresta With sweeping hills and valleys framed with the city lights, this luxurious estate offers some of the finest views of La Cresta and the ...

Mario car

It's about Mario race.

Mario son

It's about Mario kart.


It's about moryo run.

Dance rehearsal looking fly!


Emily Ramirez Fastpitch Softball

02/15/2020 Emily Ramirez Pitching12U Strike Force Softball (Indio, CA) Triple Crown Tournament @Perris, CA. Graduating Class of 2025.

Emily Ramirez Fastpitch Softball

02/15/2020 Emily Ramirez Pitching12U Strike Force Softball (Indio, CA) Triple Crown Tournament @Perris, CA. Graduating Class of 2025.

Emily Ramirez Fastpitch Softball

02/15/2020 Emily Ramirez Pitching12U Strike Force Softball (Indio, CA) Triple Crown Tournament @Perris, CA. Graduating Class of 2025.

February 15, 2020

Zander Zach zero Zander and the iis an option but the best part about

Greer Ranch | A Little Jump Practice

I need to practice my jumping skills, so we went to Greer Ranch. After a little warm on on Local's Only, Double D's, and Rabbit Hole, we headed to Jumping ...

I’m a Survivor

Chula Vista High School Winter Guard - Maxwell Marr performance with his team.

32313 Perigord Road in Winchester CA (Sparkling Pool Home)

Beautiful sparkling pool home located at 32313 Perigord Road in Winchester, California. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath house has 1819 square feet. Take a few ...

Fog, wind, rain

Fog moving in.

1947 coming soon introduction video

Please help support me and my channel by giving this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, thanks! Please help support me and my channel by ...

ALL IN with QUADS at LAKE ELSINORE CASINO!! | Poker Vlog #22

Hey! Welcome to the 22nd episode of my poker vlog. I created this channel to share some hands i've played along with creating a community of people who ...

Hummer Window Regulator

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Hey guys!! So this is a follow up to my previous video. I know it may be boring to see 2 things in a row that are alike but I wanted to show that you dont have to ...

Oc ramps ride on flat bar setup

Unboxing my first rail.

I spent my Valentine's Day making my kids baskets I Valentine's Day Series

Happy Valentine's Day! I spent my morning making my kids and my husband a special gift. It's a DIY basket. It was less than $10 per person and filled with stuff ...

Home for sale in Murrieta California 92563 listed by Realtors Michael & Anita Marchena

Get more info on this home for sale in Murrieta California

12 Weeks Out Novice Men’s Physique Night Of Champions Week 12 [02/13/20] ANJRU


"Dreamin ChuChu" CMV and Flute Cover!

Happy Valentine's day! As my way of celebrating, my original plan was simply to upload the flute cover, but my wonderful friends had the idea of making a ...

Honda Pilot (long knifed)

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